Planning an Event

When you start planning an event, get in touch with us as we can assist with this and the earlier we are involved in helping with the communications the better. This can make your role easier.

Most events can benefit from radio communications

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Radio Communications

Lothians RAYNET can be useful for several reasons :-
We can put operators into remote locations where normal
communications are difficult
Having radio coverage around the route provides a safety net
RAYNET can send data to and from checkpoints
We normally attach one or more operators to each point where the User needs communications


We have our own control caravan that can be deployed to an event or incident.
Operators can inform control of updates and or incidents
This has all necessary equipment and communications needed for the event.




We have a wide range of equipment available to meet the needs of most events.

RAYNET has the ability to communicate over greater distances than small Walkie talkie type radios

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